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Self-Employed Tax Credit (SETC) Application Steps

As you can see it doesn’t take long to find out it you are eligible for the Refundable Self Employed Tax Credit the SETC. Get your money in 10 days with out advance only offered thru Gig Workers Solutions. Don’t wait on this take action now it expires 4/20/24 – Then it’s gone forever!

Self-employed individuals can calculate and claim the Self-Employed Tax Credit (SETC) by answering a few questions about their eligibility, allowing them to receive financial relief for days impacted by government orders, quarantine, or pandemic-related issues, and potentially receive funds in as little as 10 days.

  • 💡00:00 Calculate your self-employed tax credit by answering six questions about your eligibility for the IRS.
  • 💰00:29 You can apply for the Self-Employed Tax Credit if you were unable to earn due to government orders, quarantine, or pandemic-related anxiety.
  • 💡00:57 The calendar dates are irrelevant, the IRS form 7202 is used to capture the total days impacted, and you can claim an additional 10 days if you were unable to work due to caring for someone.
  • 📝01:30 Self-Employed Tax Credit (SETC) allows individuals with dependents who couldn’t attend daycare or in-person learning to claim up to 50 days for 2020 and 60 days for 2021, even if school resumed but their schedule was still impacted.
  • 📝02:12 Use your schedule SE from your personal tax return to apply for the Self-Employed Tax Credit, and if you don’t have children, you can’t claim them.
  • 💡02:59 You can claim 60 days on the dependent side for the 2021 SETC application, and the dates do not matter, only the total number of days selected for your impact.
  • 💰03:31 Enter the code, let it calculate, and claim your tax credit without paying upfront fees.
  • 💰04:13 Submit your documents, agree to the engagement agreement, and access your funds in as little as 10 days instead of waiting 18-22 weeks for the IRS to process.

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